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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tet and Mark's Wedding

It was a very tiring day when Tet texted me that she already sent the photos of her wedding.. I was so excited to see it because unfortunately, i wasn't able to attend their wedding in Bacolod. Everything is ready.. i already booked my flight, packed my things but because of the typhoon, i had no choice but to stay :-(

When i opened my email and saw the photos.. i was so happy.. and when i read their letter, i cried! I cried because of happiness.. and i missed them. Working with them is not work for me, its like having fun with friends..

thanks tet and mark for the fab pics and for the letter! :-)


Hi Veej!

At last, here are the pics na. Sorry if it's been like a month before we sent these. So busy kasi with work after the honeymoon eh. I haven't even gotten the time yet to sort the pics and pose them on Facebook.

Right after we talked the first time we met, I knew I wanted you to design my wedding gown. I can still remember our first conversation when I told you I wanted a gown with a clean couture look. And yes, you have certainly delivered what I wanted for my special day. It's even so amazing that you found the exact shade that I wanted for my entourage (even though up to now we still don't know the exact term for that color/shade, hehe). Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for all your work and attention in designing my wedding gown as well as the entourage's gowns. Mark and I are so lucky to have found a designer who is so vibrant, excellent in his own craftsmanship, and a friend who can still be professional in dealing with us. Just stay humble Veej and for sure you'll be super successful. I know naman you love your work so much despite of the stress... And remember, we will always treasure you as you are one of the reasons for making our wedding day a special one. Take care always and God bless...


Thank you for designing my barong, Tet's gown, and the entourage's gowns. My barong is more than what I expected. It would have been better though if you were there during our wedding.. but hey, the gowns spoke for themselves. =P. See you soon. Thanks again!


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