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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jen Espiel

I love my job. I am very passionate about what I do. One thing I like about it is the chance of meeting new people, new friends, and I am happy to meet a special friend Jen.

Jen is a successful woman working in Singapore. Like the other overseas brides I've worked with, we communicate through international calls, emails and facebook chat! ;-)

Working with Jen is very easy! She is very open to ideas and willing to experiment with me as her designer.

I will definitely miss you Jen and Kristine! (her gorgeous maid of honor) Two of you are so positive! i love the energy! Good vibes! haha

Next time, don't forget to buy me Starbucks again ah! haha ;-) (she buys me Starbucks coffee every meeting!.. she's really sweet!!)

Thank you for everything and kita kits soon! mwahhhhhh!!


Photos by Dominic Barrios


jenroy2003 said...

Hi Veejay! I am so impressed with all your creations. I am going to get married next year and I kinda fancy this gown that you made for Jenny. If you'd be so kind, kindly email me the price range of your wedding gowns...and especially this gown of Jen (my namesake pa). Thanks in advance!


ana6elle said...

me too veejay :) kindly email me the price range particularly the vintage one -