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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ian and Menchu

One of the most memorable quotes i've ever heard..

(on the wedding day..)

me: menchu you're sooooo beautiful today! ano secret mo?

menchu: "..the best beauty secret is happiness.."


Hi Veejay!

I cannot begin to express how thankful I am that we got you as our designer (both for my gown and Ian's barong, etc.). I super super super loved EVERYTHING about my gown!

You were truly one of my angels that day. =) More power to you and everything you set your mind to!

Love you, dear!


Friday, February 19, 2010

Rica Peralejo and Joseph Bonifacio's Entourage

The moment I got a call from Teena Barretto, (she is the wedding coordinator) and she was asking for an appointment for Rica's wedding (we call her Carla) I immediately felt the excitement. As a young designer, it has always been my dream to dress up celebrities that i really admire! And Rica is one of them. I'm a fan! My unforgettable movie scene she did that i super love is yung hinahabol sya ng aswang tapos pumasok sya sa van and her legs got scratches!! Super sigaw ako that time! TGIS!!!! ;-) And i told her that! :-)

The whole experience was worth-it! I was very blessed to be part of a wedding that honors God more than anything else..

To carla and joe, thank u! :-)

to all the girls.. stay fab! stay sexy and i had so much fun during our fittings.. :-) you are all the best!!

to all the guys.. stay cute and good-looking! hahaha.. :-) hope to see u again!

to the family of carla and joe.. thank u! so happy to meet such lovely persons like u..

to teena!!!!!!!! ano na! :-) more more more blessings to come! haha.. more works to do!

enjoy the photos from Lito Sy (grabbed from Teena's multiply account) click here

since its a beach wedding.. i came up with something simple but not boring..
modern but still classic..

enjoy the photos!! :-)

for the male entourage:
pure linen pants and Italian cotton shirts with pintucks details

for the maid and matron of honor:
simple pleated and draped dresses with accents of semi-precious stones and crystals
made by Rakel of Glam Rocks

for the bridesmaids:
i just played with their skirts! cut here, cut and drape there.. ruffles! drapings! ;-)
different necklines, ruched bodice

for the flower girls:
cute 2-in-1 dresses for them.. white one shoulder maxi dress with tulle skirt
and embellished belt
for the bearers:
white pleated shirts and pure linen shorts

for the secondary sponsors:
my own version of the infinity dress but it has 3 layers with uneven hemlines..
the only accent is the brooch..

for the moms:
gray silk chiffon dresses with very minimal beadworks

our photos during the meeting and presentation of designs :-)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I am extremely blessed!

First, I would like to thank God for all the blessings He gave me.

I am just a young designer, dreaming that someday, i will have my own atelier for my dearest clients.. And last night, I just dedicated my new atelier to God. Thank you to our dear Pastora Beng for coming to share God's words and lead the dedication/blessing of my business to our Heavenly Father. Thank u also to my bible study/connect groupmates for coming to celebrate with me.. ;-) I have learned that we are all stewards of God. Everything is his property.. It's from him.. we just need to take good care of all the things he gave us and share it to other people.. Praise God!

I can still remember the days when I started meeting clients at starbucks, coffee shops, malls.. Then, i worked for my friend and he was so generous to share his office with me.. then i rented an apartment and transformed the sala set into an office.. And now, I have a separate space for my valued clients ;-)

I am very happy for all the inquiries that I have been getting from future brides and clients.. debuts, weddings, special events, and most especially, kind and sweet messages that inspire me more.. Thank you so much for showing interest and for trusting me :-)

Special thank you to W@W! :-) and to my past brides and friends for all the recommendations.. I am truly blessed! Thank you so much.. More than the luxurious fabrics, laborious treatments, beautiful embellishments.. its the relationship and experience working with all of you that made everything worth-remembering..

I would also like to acknowledge my favorite Ms Veluz for recommending clients. Thank you for your generosity.. Im truly inspired by you. You are someone that I really look up to.. Very humble, talented, creative, successful and blessed! Im so happy to know you..

To my friends.. thank u for all the support.. :-) You always make me happy.. thank you..

And to my dear family.. I am doing this because of you.. You are the source of my strength :-)

God is good...
... all the time!


Monday, February 15, 2010


I will never ever forget Grace.

She came to my apartment (old shop) longggggg time ago to inquire.. I think 1 or 2 years before her wedding..

Veejay: do u have any pegs?

she showed me one photo of a wedding gown she liked.

Veejay: What do u like about this gown?

Grace: Its simple lang..

*sabay smile*

Veejay: aaahhhhh.. yeah.. simple nga lang.. ok :-)

pero may pahabol..

Grace: Pero gusto ko bongga ang back!

Veejay: YEY!!!! Sige! Let's make it simple and elegant but super bongga at the back.. Ako na bahala.. :-)

She said yes!

Hi Veejay!

Here are some of our official wedding photos where your gorgeous creation takes center stage! I received nothing but praises for my dress. And a lot of my friends who weren't at the wedding, but saw our photos, were in awe of the dress. It was a beautiful wedding gown, Veejay, I really couldn't be happier. It wasn't over the top, it displayed just the right amount of oomph, I would say. Thank you for making me feel like a million bucks on my wedding day. It was hard to maneuver, I can tell you that haha, but with all the oohs and aahs it merited, I'd say it was definitely worth it.

Also thank you for being a part of my wedding, thank you for driving all the way to Tagaytayto make sure I look my damnedest in that dress. It was a pleasure working with you. You've been very gracious, warm and open to me and fiance (now my husband) Mart. I look forward to working with you again I hope. :)

Grabe Grace!!! Super naiyak ako when I got this! i love u sis! u know that :-) everything is worth it! thank u for the trust!!! SEE YOU IN MY GALA SHOW!!! :-)

Photos by: Jeff and Lisa